Friday, August 31, 2012

One Week and Counting!

In one week from today, I will have 25 new kiddos.  I have never been more excited to start a new school year than this year.  I can not wait to start using the Whole Brain Teaching techniques in real life.  As Coach B predicted, I've been rehearsing to fake students in my room.  I even try to practice with my one year old.  I find myself a little disappointed that when I clap twice and he doesn't follow suit.

Because I am so excited about WBT, I have been trying to get the other teachers involved with no luck.  This time of the year is jam-packed and it seems as though everyone is trying to get everything just perfect before the first day.  However, after talking about the Super Improvers Wall, I can proudly say that two other teachers are adding it to their classroom!  Of course I sent them the links to the webcasts and free eBooks!

Speaking of the Super Improvers Wall, I finally finished mine and I have to say that it is a beauty!  I even purchased pockets that stick the to wall so that I am easily able to change the color of the students' names.  I then laminated hundreds of stars and added magnets to the back so they can stay on my white board.  I uploaded a photo so you all can see my example.

Finally, I finished my Ultimate Homework Model homework log.  I created this for my fifth grade students to staple into their agendas.  The school policy will not allow me to get rid of agendas so I have to use both.  However, I am very excited to see the hands shoot up when I ask for volunteers to do two or three start homework.  If you would like a copy, click here and download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  In true WBT fashion, it is free!

I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!  Now off to cramp and watch some more webcast of Coach B!

Have a great start of the year!


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